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Listen to your body

Listening to your body is something you must learn. As your doing all these things to improve your health take the time to listen.

This week I have not been myself. I have some dental work I need to get done. I have severe dental anxiety. Between the tooth pain and probably some infection etc I can tell I’m not myself.

I can tell my body is trying to fight off something. How can I tell..

  • My energy levels are down: I was lazy and did not juice on Monday. I could immediately feel the difference.

  • I have been exhausted: I have slept more than usual because my body needs it.

  • I have not worked out this week: You cannot put your body through that while it’s trying to fight.

  • I just don’t feel right I’m not sick but something is off...I am very regular with my movements and that’s off too.

Since my body is giving me signs I’m going to listen. This is what I’m doing:

  • Making my appointment ‼️

  • Juice

  • Tea

  • CBD oil

  • Sea moss

  • Oil of oregano

  • Vitamins

  • Emergency packets

  • Ingesting coconut oil

  • Rest

  • Laying off junk food (I been doing too much lately)

The key to health is getting ahead of the game. Don’t wait until you're sick listen to your body it will tell you exactly what you need.

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